The wonder kid, Emmanuella lunches Mobile App

The wonder kid, Emmanuella lunches Mobile App:Emmanuella who is in Grade 5, enrolled at Mikon Institute of Information Technology, where she graduated and bagged a Certificate in Basic Training – Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and later Diploma in Desktop Publishing in 2016.NINE-year-old Miss Emmanuella Oziofu is set to launch her new Mobile App in Lagos

Miss Emmanuella Oziofu

Thereafter, she enrolled at Complete Computer Technology Institute (CCT), where she studied Web Design and graduated in 2017 and bagged a certificate in Web Design.

In 2018, she furthered her career, despite her routine class work and enrolled to study Web Development and Graphic Design at NIIT.

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Emmanuella went ahead to enrol for Mobile App development at Tech24 and developed her personal mobile app and also designed and hosted her website known as Emma’s ICT Academy.

She is knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, PHP, Mysql and Graphic Design.

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In addition, Emmanuella in April 2018, successfully completed and bagged the following online certificates from SOLOLEARN California:

  1. Certificate in HTML Fundamentals Course #1014-8441765.
  2. Certificate in PHP Tutorial Course #1059-8441765.
  3. Certificate in CSS Fundamentals Course #1023-8441765.
  4. Certificate in SQL Fundamentals Course #1060-8441765.
  5. Certificate in JavaScript Tutorial Course #1024-8441765.
  6. Certificate in JQuery Tutorial Course #1082-8441765.

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